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There are lots of easy steps you can take to reduce your impact on the environment:

  • Food waste can easily be reduced:
    • Check out the best zero waste shops in Edinburgh in this article
    • Leftover food can be composted, visit mygov.scot to request a compost bin.
    • Visit Scotland's first 'rescued food shop' Shrub Coop
  • Reuse, repair, and recycle - Try and reuse or repair, rather than throwing away items and if not recycle them. You can also give your items to others who may need them via charities, Facebook groups, Gumtree, and Freecycle.

    • Looking for a charity shop? Check out this great map

    • If you are not sure if you can recycle an item you can look it up on Zero Waste Scotland. There are plenty of other tips on there as well.

  • Want to know more? Edinburgh Napier Sustainable society has some great advice, events, and talks. 

  • Do you have any suggestions to add to this? We would love to hear from you, just email team@studentpad.com

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